About Mike

I have spent the better part of five decades honing my culinary interest and developing my gastronomical palate, such as it is. I began this journey when I was 10, much to my Dad’s concern for his grocery bills. As a Letter Carrier with a wife and two kids, he could ill afford my experimentation. He finally relented and began teaching me the fundamentals he learned as a navy cook and from a Southern family he befriended after he migrated from Trinidad after the war (WWII).

By my junior year in high school I was preparing family dinners, since I usually got home before them. I have a particular fondness for French, Creole, and Trinidadian cuisines; and I attended the French Culinary Institute, later in life. In addition, I am a member of both The American Culinary Federation and the James Beard Foundation.

In semi-retirement from an Information Technology career, I am now developing a food trade business with designer marinades and sauces, specialty jams & jellies and other goodies under the Menu by Mike label.