Delightfully Sinful Desserts

Everything from Tiramisu (pictured) to Pecan Pie, Christmas Pudding, Cream Pies, tarts for all occasions and wonderfully moist, light crumb layer cakes will be reviewed.


Right Tools for the Job

Complete rundown on all the tools, pots, pans, utensils, gadgets and handheld appliances are discussed with suggestions for best quality and superior functionality made available in The Pantry

Pots & Pans

Major Appliances, Trends, Current and Future Functionality

The Kitchen of the future, major trends in appliance development, trends in cooking that effect developing technologies, sustainability trends are all subjects for our blogs. Home chefs need to be aware of what is developing to stay ahead of the best and fastest methods available to maximize the building, layering and maximizing flavor in food.

Major Appliances

Salads, Summer Coolers, Fruits and Vegetables

There are several post that already speak to salads, Grilled Vegetables, Cold Summer Soups and plenty of uses for our most refreshing fruits and vegetables. We even include tropical fruits like guava, mangoes, coconuts, kiwi and figs.


Java Jive

Boy do we cover coffee, home roasting, cold brewing, recommended coffee makers, types of coffee beans, grinding methods and grinders. Our collective love of coffee and devotion to drinking well brewed coffee in summer or winter is unparalleled.


Membership Features


The Pantry

The dictionary defines a Pantry as “a small closed space connected to a kitchen, often with a door, in which food and utensils for food preparation can be stored." The Cooking Exchange Pantry contains knowledge about food, cooking food and cooking utensils. Look up health data and cooking characteristics of your favorite cooking oils and fats. Find troubleshooting information on baking techniques. Discover information and suggestions on pots, pans, and other cooking tools and utensils. Click … [Get Details...]


International Recipe Collection

Though nascent, the Cooking Exchange Recipe Collection contains over 500 recipes, from Appetizers to Desserts; representing a wide range of dishes from comfort food simple, such as Saveur’s Meatloaf Recipe, to the classically elegant Chateaubriand Marchand de Vin. Our collection includes a truly international flair, with dishes from American, Creole, Cajun, French, Moroccan, Spanish and West Indian Cuisines. At least, half of these mouth-watering recipes has been interpreted or re-invented by … [Get Details...]

Premium Feature(s)


Announcing The Cooking Exchange Recipe of the Month Club

The Cooking Exchange Recipe of the Month Club offers home cooks and amateur chefs exclusive access to new recipes, created by our chef site members. These are either newly crafted recipes or uniquely adapted recipes not available to the general public, including Cooking Exchange Regular members. Recipes posted and made accessible via this membership will remain exclusive for at least two-years after they are initially posted.

These Recipes will be aimed at family weekday dining, with intermittent post for holiday or entertainment recipes. Weekday family meals will include inventive Main Dishes and Sides with the periodic quick dessert, such as cookies, custards, puddings and tarts.

Click here to find out more…

Private Cooking Instruction!

We are working out the details… Coming soon to New York Area, private cooking classes, in your home or in ours.

Video of Recipe of the Month Preparation

As soon as we can figure out the details and editing requirements. We tend to be a bit camera shy…

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Seared Ahi Tuna

Searing, Sautéing and Browning … Getting Lost in the Lingo?

Too often, these terms are used interchangeably but if anything a good cook, professional or amateur, learns is that precision makes a big difference to the outcome. If for no other reason, language choice should reflect that precision when speaking about flavor development. Flavor, after all, is that complex combination of taste, mouth feel and […]

Photo from Shutterstock

Baking with Love (but no Sugar)!

Growing up in Brooklyn in the fifties and sixties, desserts and especially sweet cakes with an abundance of buttercream, were a very significant part of my epicurean life. Not that anyone would ever combine a kid’s view of food and any culinary discipline in a single thought. Back then, franks and beans or fishcakes and […]

Braised Short Ribs

Braising Revisited

This winter I have significantly advanced my braising talents and results. As with most individual or collective human improvements or growth, it was spawned from necessity. My circumstances dictated that I prepare less expensive, tougher cuts of meat than I normally consumed; among other living circumstances. Regardless, my mission was still to produce flavorful and […]

Old Fashioned Pot Roast

Old Fashioned Steak-house Pot Roast

hot oat and quinoa cereal (bon appetit)

Warming Breakfasts: Is Hot Cereal Passé?

Those precious six and a half years I spent in Trinidad during my infancy and toddler developmental stages forever spoiled me for warm weather. I absolutely disdain almost every aspect of winter with two exceptions; I have emotionally adapted to cold snowy Christmases, and just to be clear; I specifically used the word cold – […]